I just read my Cousin's entries about Aunt Tamitha dying.

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I am gonna send Tamra and Annabelle a email here directly. I didn't know that Aunt Katie has seizures. I am just glad that she wasn't driving. Our family is all dying off. Just since last Fourth of July I think like ten of us has kicked the bucket. I don't know how Aunt Katie drove all the way from California without having a seizure behind the wheel. I'm not for sure but I think that the place she is renting ain't but like fifteen miles from here. I may ask for directions in my email. I am gonna write what I'm gonna say on paper because I am not feeling well. My guts are hurting and one of my sisters I don't know which one flushed something down the toilet and stopped it up. I got sick in the toilet earlier and everything got flooded. I think I had better go pull-on a fresh poop-catcher because until it is unstopped I am locking the bathroom door. I think I'm gonna get sick again.BYE

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