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22 August 2017

Thank God we have our pull-ups' because we someh..

We have not been around nobody for a good while but Damn did we get hit right between our eyes while we were out bin the backyard cooking chicken on the grill. I got from my wheelchair in to my lounge [...]
20 August 2017

Yesterday went smooth as silk with Katelyn not l..

Katelyn kept a lid on her temper. Her and Lee Anne had a day of play mostly outside in the shade of two huge pecan trees. I didn't realize the amount of time we were outside and when I seen it 5:00 P.M [...]
19 August 2017

It has been a lousy past two days. Kat..

I gave my laptop a rest after those storms blew through two mornings ago. Katelyn has had a chip on her shoulder a mile wide just looking for a fight. She pushed Lee Anne to the ground a few times then [...]
17 August 2017

These early morning storms are somethi..

I guess that these early morning storms are something that I am gonna have to learn too live with. I am thinking about just letting my little sisters sleep with me all the time instead of waking up finding [...]
16 August 2017

This is the next morning after the lig..

Yesterday I could not convince them that there was nothing to worry about after the lightning strike and light show in the bathroom. I even took a shower in my shower/wheelchair wearing shorts and a t-shirt [...]
16 August 2017

I awoke to thunder and lightning with two terrif..

When the boom from a lightning strike woke me up boy was I ever crowded in my bed. The lightning knocked out a transformer on the property line where there once was a house, the whole pole had to be replaced. [...]
15 August 2017

Annabelle went out and got in Sharon's..

What a beautiful day it was after the storms rolled through and the power came back on. We had a day of being all girls. They taught me a few things about our hair and the different things/ways to put [...]
14 August 2017

Annabelle is badly bruised U/know wher..

When they were at each others throats Lee Anne got up and hid behind me. When it was over it looked like Katelyn got the best of Annabelle. Katelyn went to her bedroom without eating supper and damn but [...]
13 August 2017

I and Annabelle are gonna try again on..

Our electricity has been off for three days until this morning and this having our own well has its ups and downs and believe me sister, you would not have wanted to be here. That stock tank was bone-fucking [...]
04 August 2017

I just read my Cousin's entries about Aunt Tamit..

I am gonna send Tamra and Annabelle a email here directly. I didn't know that Aunt Katie has seizures. I am just glad that she wasn't driving. Our family is all dying off. Just since last Fourth of July [...]
03 August 2017

They are all bruised up and Annabelle's right ey..

Here it is fixing to be 6:00 a.m the morning after their fight and boy do they look pathetic. Annabelle's right side of her face is black and blue with her right eye all swole shut. Poor Lee Anne slept [...]
03 August 2017

Katelyn and Annabelle got into a fist ..

Those two won't tell me what their fight was about but poor Lee Anne got the crap beat out her. Annabelle just lit into too Katelyn like a mad person then the fight was on. Katelyn swung low between Annabelle's [...]
02 August 2017

I am Annabelle, me and Star were born ..

Star thinks that just because she is fifteen minutes older than me and since I lost my voice that she can boss me around. She is in a wheelchair because of sheer stupidity from falling out of a tree when [...]
02 August 2017

This Diary gig is about how me and my ..

Me and my sisters' have been without our Mom for two years now, Lee Anne was only three years old when she died so she doesn't remember her. She would be going in to Kindergarten this year but she has [...]
Aug 2017