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24 September 2017

We just got back from our Dad's old ho..

Aunt Tamra had to go buy four cans of wasp and hornet spray after we started to go inside, I'd bet we was stung like ten times each before we knew what was happening. I am just glad that she had some [...]
20 September 2017

Aunt Tamra has pretty much taken over ..

Aunt Tamra came out of nowhere and seen where Annabelle had told her about Kaitlyn doing her thing everywhere but the toilet as well the silent one's stuff. She has tried to make me follow her directions [...]
Sep 2017
13 August 2017

I and Annabelle are gonna try again on..

Our electricity has been off for three days until this morning and this having our own well has its ups and downs and believe me sister, you would not have wanted to be here. That stock tank was bone-fucking [...]
04 August 2017

I just read my Cousin's entries about Aunt Tamit..

I am gonna send Tamra and Annabelle a email here directly. I didn't know that Aunt Katie has seizures. I am just glad that she wasn't driving. Our family is all dying off. Just since last Fourth of July [...]
03 August 2017

They are all bruised up and Annabelle's right ey..

Here it is fixing to be 6:00 a.m the morning after their fight and boy do they look pathetic. Annabelle's right side of her face is black and blue with her right eye all swole shut. Poor Lee Anne slept [...]
03 August 2017

Katelyn and Annabelle got into a fist ..

Those two won't tell me what their fight was about but poor Lee Anne got the crap beat out her. Annabelle just lit into too Katelyn like a mad person then the fight was on. Katelyn swung low between Annabelle's [...]
02 August 2017

I am Annabelle, me and Star were born ..

Star thinks that just because she is fifteen minutes older than me and since I lost my voice that she can boss me around. She is in a wheelchair because of sheer stupidity from falling out of a tree when [...]
02 August 2017

This Diary gig is about how me and my ..

Me and my sisters' have been without our Mom for two years now, Lee Anne was only three years old when she died so she doesn't remember her. She would be going in to Kindergarten this year but she has [...]
Aug 2017