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Dear Moon,

It's very late and I'm still not sleeping. I was on the phone with Z. for hours. Our conversation was so intense and interesting, I didn't see the clock running.
I love talking with this one very special friend. Our conversation was about various topics such as the gaming community, people's behaviour, succeeding and reaching our own dreams, and of course, we did talk about God.

You know dear Moon, Z. is the one of the very few people I can chat with without feeling meaningless or useless. I don't feel judged by any kind when talking to him. There is no evil thoughts whatsoever from him when it comes to me. As I told him my deepest secrets, I guess he knows I trust him, so he wants to be fair with me. I didn't give my trust easily however. Maybe that's why he cherishes it so much now. I must admit I found he was an odd guy the first time I met him. He was just too nice and honest to have good intentions. I later learnt that being generous was part of his own nature.

He was there during the saddest moments in my life and has been around since then. He never left me alone. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about people who pretended to love me or be my friends. But Z. was there for me and I'll never forget it.

If he was not so young, I think I could fall in love with him. But he's younger than my younger brother, so you know...

I really love this guy. But I love him gently as my very special friend.

Thank you, Z. for being with me in my darkest and brightest moments.

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