Sun and Moon

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I have fixed a name for both of you.

You'll be called Moon and he'll be called Sun.

I like the binary reference of it. It's as if one of you belong to the other diary.

I like the idea of writing down my feelings on Sun during the day and doing the same with you during the night.

I like to think HE is a man and YOU are a girl. That woman's fertility is related to the moon and man's fertility to the Sun. Then when I'll talk about you, you'll be referred as a "she" and he'll be referred as a "he".

I may not tackle the same topics with you and Sun. But I admit you know each other, that you know what I tell Sun and he knows everything I'm writing down here. Then, I won't feel the need to repeat every details on both diaries.

I feel I should write about the names to Sun though, or else, my french readers won't understand why I'm calling my diary "Sun" now. LOL.

See you Moon ;)

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