New diary, same life

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Dear diary,

So I decided to start writing a diary in english. Maybe this will help me to practice it, as we are not allowed to write in the language of Shakespeare with the french version of the site.

I'll tell you about my inner thoughts and the observations I make about people and this world. Just as I do with the other Diary.

I don't know why I can't use the same user name but it's ok. Let's be called "Black Magic Woman" instead of "Black Magic Girl". That's still me and it still defines what I am.

Shall I give you a name?

But if you have a name, I shall give a name to the other diary too. Then i'll think about it later since I want them both to be pretty cool and beautiful. And I'd like a binary meaning for your names.

So let's start our journey together dear Diary.

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