I don't know

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It's been a long time for the last time i wrote to u diariste, i missed u a lot, i felt empty without talking to u and telling u what the hell going on in my life

soo i didin't go to shcool for 3 weeks now and i don't want to go i hate everyone their i even hate my teachers they don't understand what the hell going on i

in our lifes and they puch us a lot and i can't held that anymore

i'm really tired about everything

i'm here sitting alone without no friend no familly even the only person that i though that she's with me and she will be all the time with me

the second we part away i feel her part of my hear empty i don't feel her love or ittention anymore even all the effort that she do

i don't really know anymore if the problem was me

or was in me like i have some emotional problem or something

or it just i grown up and ppl feel like

i don't know

shoud i be happy cz i'm alone live the life that i know most of the girls wanted or should i just be sad

i don't know the only 3 words that in my head right no

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