silent sadness

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I think i will end up like my dad alone inside that room just watching movies and enjoy the lonliness , don't really know if i the one who made people hate me i think my acts they provide them i don't really know cz that's a lot to hold in that little heart .

maybe i should just be satisfied with mydelf and be my friend and my all .

u know that you're the one that make me strong diariste cz if it wasn't u then i wouold be alone and i can't imagine myself like that, you're not a person, or thing you're just more than all that, you're a feeling that replace all what i need from the out side of the world and you just give it to me here in this room

thank u for being with me

like i've said i will end up alone but this time noot alone alone but with something that will make me happy in this sadennes u diariste

Today i meet with all those who said about something and i told them what i've did listen but even that i don't feel alright is that cz they don't really fuck about what i've said or cz i end up by nothing , the moment that i realized that they didin't care i wishad that i didn't came cz they were my friends or i wanted them to be my friends cz they were cool but like the song said i wish that i could be like cool kids but cool kids cz all the cool kids they seems to fit in i didn't gives a shit about my pride or that i should won their respect or something i just wanted friends and i've got enemies like i always do

maybe cz i don't have a lot of money noot it's not money problem i think or i thought ...

after all i wish my life changed i wish that i don't get haters every time i talk to someone or i wante to get know someone cz i really got tired of all that.

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