Monday 07 January 2019

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Now 01:28 am and i just sitting here reading all that bullshit you keep writting at your facebook page those fucking story's yess you're so talented and that's make me sick because that the first made me fall out for you since the first time we meet and now even if we talk even the distance even all i just keep falling and falling whene i read all what you keeep sharing , the last part of your sotry i felt like you talked about me and some how i don't know if it's really me or it's just a feeling .

Maybe the rumors of that i'm getting engage finally comes to you but if you really want the truth i'm noot i just lied like always so can people do not see me like oooh that litlle girl who love's a boy who did not give a shit about her or ohh that little cutie that suffer from love on the ne hand uhmmmm

i do noot want to live that kind of life i don't

and you ended your story by make joke of me saying that i found person like me or i want to mean that i fall for a durk like mee a fool like mee

i just write this you know like i am talking to you because every time i had the chance to talk i just shut the ell up because i want to be that girl in movies you know the perfect and even if i talk and i asked why you do all this to me i know that you had a answer for any question i would think about and you know me better than me so you give me those answerd and those moment that i dreamed of and i feel like i'm in a movie instead stooped you i just falll out again and again .............

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