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i had a lot of thing that made my mind and i want to talk about or just writte about but i don4t know with what i should start for a bit i feel like i do not talk about all those stuff even with my self because i do not know how can i consider my mind with all that shit

sometimes i feel lke i am crazy sometimes i asked my self should i go to therapist but i don't do anything i just site there pretending like everything it's okay instead that nothing is okay i'm just losing my mind , listening to sad songs and watch all the sad movies that i can and then go to school and laugh a lote so can people said that i'm the funniest girl but if they just stop for a minute jusst look at mee look at the hell mee not my facee to that heart that beating with a saad melodie feeel lonely feel broke

Maybe it's my fault ? that i do not show my real me ?? my fault that i do not want people to see the dark side of me ?

a looot of question but i do not have the courage to ask eve if there a chance to be answered.

some said that i'm dramatic , some said that i have al what can a person dreamed of but for me i had nothing , nothing had a lot of meaning it's depend of where and whene and how people say it

nothing to me it's there is a empty space there in my heart that can't be gone even all the love and intention they give me , nothing is to change myself and all of me around people so they accepted me nothing that after a day of smilling an laughing i ended up at my bed crying at the same thing i was laughing at the morning some of my classe mate said that i had a lot of personality and every time they ask mee that i do not answerd because it's true i'm not that person you though i am so everytime i treat you differently depends of the mode and how i feel about you.

i think i will never change sadly because even now i feeel broke and alone to other's i had a loot of friend so i'm okay with that being populaire outside that darik room but when you come back you come to you.

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