my misery ?

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u know he didn't come, for u .... he came for sex

i know i m drunk now , but i need to write this ...i need to remember everything

he came here only because he felt like he wanted to get laid

when he got it all ... he went out .again.again....agaiiiin..

arent u tired of everything . dont u wanna forget abt him ???

i meann he really was with someone else

u guys were together for almost 4 years ( 26 august will be the 4 years )

but then suddenly in july u realize he was with another girl for 3 months ...

u asked him , begged him to go out .. to have fun together with u

but he had stuff to do

with his best friend********

but he wasnt with his bf ... he was with her

he even asked her to marry him and gave her the ring he weared for 3years in ur engagement party

the ring that was supposed to mean that u guys are married

he just gave it to another girl

but u still love him

u cant do anything about that

I KNOOOOW i need to forget about him ... but how ?

i lived with this guy for 4 years ...

when he comes n says he s sorry ... i believe

n then i get disappointed

i m tired of everything

i wanna forget already .................


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