goodbye 2015

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it's the last day in 2015 or the last 12 hours;

in this time i'm thinking what i had done in this year?

2015 wasn't the hardest year in my life and not the best too

now ,i have a lot of  feelings , i now that 2016 will be harder than 2015

so i'm a little bet scary i don't how to explain this feeling , it's just terrible

asking my self ;how many good things i had done

the answer : i can't remember

how many friends i got this year:

the answer : who care of the number if they was not good friends or honesty 

those friends are not the fiend who erase your tears or hide you from the eye of people if you break down

those friends think that seeing you crying is the best thin ever,seeing you breaking down is the best view ever

but you cannot say anything to them cause deep in you , you know if you say anything people will look at you 

like you are the worst person and you and those friends are innocent

well,who cares about people opinions? i'm always saying that bat i cannot do that it's very hard 

but all i'm gonna do is moving from them without saying anything 

in 2016, i will fight and i'm gonna make it the happiest year just wait and see 

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