What i do with my free time

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Date on timeline : 17 September 2015

In my free time i write books or stories. 

It's about a high school boy with white blond hair and icy blue eyes gets bullied until Junior year when his bullies twin brother saves him but find out the boy with the white hair's secret and leaves him but not complete.
2 months passed since they last spoke every found out His secret. Dantalion the boy with the white hair gets taken away for 2 years by his so-called "parents".
3 years gone by, Dantalion is now 21 years old. 21-year-old Dantalion finally escapes and finds a wife 2 months later. 3 months since they got married Dantalion finds out that he's into guys lives the woman for his boss at work.
5 years pass and Dantalion is living with a happy family with an amazing husband 4 boys and 2 girls

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