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Chopin, 2019, August 02 at 22:06

I've been searching for words to describe what I'm going through right now, but sadly I didn't find anything, so I thought maybe talking about it, in general, can help isn't? I've been afraid to ask him for about more than a year now, about how he feels about me when I finally have courage to do it, It comes out that he does not consider me as [...]
Chopin, 2019, August 01 at 22:37

Yea, it's been a while. but I feel empty again and I tried to talk to friends but I don't get better, the worst thing is I feel like no one understand me if you wondering why all that, I can tell you. kind of money problem. I don't know anymore if my parents have the money or not it seems that dad can offer me whatever I want but he doesn't do it like [...]
Chopin, 2019, July 05 at 06:37

It's been a week now I've been write in my laptop because i did want to let this anger inside me to help a bit to write a story or something but it didn't so i come back to the only thing and place where i do found safe because no one really knows my identity. so it's been a big week and a hard one especially for me, i had the last relationship with [...]
Chopin, 2019, June 26 at 17:28

I just wake up and everything goes wrong why all the people just run out money, si money gives u what u need? cuz i don't have it and same time i want it i don t know i am just shocked that we can split the relationships because of money it's necessarily anymore to pretend ... ALL OF U RUN FOR MONEY .
Chopin, 2019, June 26 at 04:27

have that feeling that i should write something .. write before i explore all those feelings inside keep me fighting for things that i already don't want .. it's not the subject why i am here now.. dear diaries sometimes i feel like u live better than me like i am not saying i don't want them anymore but at the same time it seems like they don't love [...]
Chopin, 2019, June 23 at 17:51

is it my fault ? is it my fault cause i look like him i act like him is it my fault that i am not good daughter to u ? i don't know anymore if it's or not searching for answers that no one want to give, really hate the way i live, really every piece of my life ... i need someone that's already had the same feelings cuz i do feel good when i talk [...]
Chopin, 2019, June 12 at 21:33

Same thing comes up again to my life summer began and i can't even injoy it . there's no school there's no place , run away too i'm stacking here inside that house ya they called him home but i don't feel like it's my home it's really not mom's here looking at me like what the hell are you thinking you gonna be doing here staying or laying [...]
sierrahomen, 2019, June 03 at 18:07
June 3rd, 2019

June 3rd, 2019 Mods 1/2 Senior English. Something about summer time always gets me excited! Maybe it's because of the warm weather, the gathering of friends my birthday or even Pride month! Either way, I'm excited to see what the future holds for me. This may be too personal but I'm not graduating this year with my friends. I wish I was but at the [...]
anonymous, 2019, May 29 at 14:20
Wednesday 29 May 2019

Another day comes with more stress. My hands are shaking just typing this, the annoyance of not being able to do something that I should be able to gets to me. I shouldn't be this riled up, think think. A band of light shines at the top of my head, it's warmth making me acutely aware of the sensations there. It moves down my face, I can feel tingling [...]

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