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Diariste strengthens its security

Protect your diary with a password is good but only if nobody finds or steals it... Security of your diary has always been our priority. That's why today we introduce the "Secure connection" for all.

The "Secure connection", what is it?

Present on big websites where the security of your data is very important (email, banks, etc...), the secure lock close URL is proof that you are on a secure website and that you write on your diary safe!

The secure connection protects the integrity and confidentiality of all information you enter through three key levels of protection:

- Encryption : All information you send are encrypted for Diariste in a high 2048bit encryption (military encryption) to prevent anyone from intercepting what you do.
- Data integrity : your data can't be changed when you send to Diariste.
- Authentication : a certificate assure you that the information is being sent to Diariste only.

It's been a while now that we wanted to implement this Secure connection but security certificates are not free... Finally, thanks to the members who use Unlimited Diariste and help Diariste to pay it, it's possible ! Thank you very much for your support that allows Diariste to be better :)

Because your safety is our priority, we have decided to offer this Secure connection to all!

If you also want to help Diariste to evolve, while enjoying the 250 additional features for only 1€ per month, support the website with Unlimited Diariste subscription  : https://www.diariste.com/monjournal/?personnaliser

To read the rest of this post or to contact Diariste.com, you need to register :


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