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Diariste offers you the possibility to have your free diary or free personal journal, but mainly your online diary. Access to your diary from anywhere in the world, from any computer, and whenever you want to. Whether in a few hours, a few days or even a few years, find the history of all your writings.

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Last public writings of diaries:

anonymous, 2014, December 19 at 17:35
A chapter to remember !
Dear Diary ,,, It’s been a while ever since I last wrote , I can’t even remember when was it or what happened back then ,which brings me to the fact that a lot has happened from that day , a lot , to a point where I can’t ever believe[...]
Girl with a Broken Heart
Girl with a Broken Heart, 2014, December 17 at 19:02
Don't Do It
Dear diary, I almost did it again. I almost cut...The only thing that stopped me was that there were pills on the counter...I almost did that too. But i came to reality and realized that my life is bad, no is horrible. I get bullied, jumped, sexually[...]
skyler, 2014, December 16 at 21:06
Stop taking pills
"Dont say anything yet , I just have to tell you that taking all these suplement might prevent you from getting pregnant. You might have a miscarriage and not even know abou it " I should have been sleeping now, considering that i worked 12 h last night . But my mother and sister's words are ringing in my head . They don't Know that I have to build[...]
3kstazy, 2014, December 10 at 14:33
Dear Diary
This is my first post here. After a lot of searching I figured out I needed somewhere where I could talk about stuff I do not normally talk about. I lost a lot of friends and I'm alone. Alone in my own darkness. Im broken hearted, depressed twisted[...], 2014, December 04 at 12:36
Video diary - video journal
Since the last release of Diariste phone application, you can film your memories anywhere and integrate them into your online diary. Diariste is the only website to offer you unlimited store for your photos, your voice and your videos. It is also the[...]
Immi, 2014, November 08 at 13:45
I'm semi-automatic
Dear new diary that I barely know, I don't exactly know why I'm here. I already have an online diary, from the French version of the website, and it really helps me though. I met amazing people through Diariste, and I'm so thankful for it. But, I don't[...]
Ghazala, 2014, October 14 at 02:29
Why should love b mediocre?
Dear Angel; I have to tell u something. I miss u. N fighting with u 2 years back was the greatest blunder of my life. I love Mara and sami too, but not in that crazy way. I find people posting the pictures of their family and cheating on with their[...]
punkywalid, 2014, October 04 at 02:25
I Wake up every morning all alone With noisy voices in my head Everyday I stand by my own Am I still alive or already dead There's a monster inside of me And heartless Shadows haunting me Should I let them in Or Should I let it out Why should I stop it Why should I stop them from eating you alive
MaskedRocker, 2014, September 25 at 19:20
Stay Strong Blog #2
Hey guys today I'm going to do a blog on depression.Depression doesn't mean that you have to cut, think about taking pills or suicide. Depression is when you feel like an outcast and that you don't belong. Trust me I know, I go through stages of depression[...]

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