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Last public writings of diaries:

chloelukasiakLOVE, yesterday at 05:25
mis amigas
the photo are my friends (I'm also in the photo) are called: Kenzie , Brooke , Maddie, Kendall, and above are : Nia and Paige. ( they are said in order) the master !! tell us crazy but we are unique !! I dance with them , go out with her, I 'm going[...]
Rawya Omar
Rawya Omar, 2015, January 27 at 14:57
Dear Me !
dear Me ! I'm so poor unfortunately :( and I'm stumped for all of this people around to me !! why should they pretend the loves me .. they can say the truth honestly ! obviously they want to obliterate the ugly feel.. so far dear me with a simple coffee[...]
Immi, 2015, January 21 at 16:45
I won't complain (just a bit)
Yo diary. Wow, it has been a very long time since i started writing to you. I'm actually just half-ashamed, 'cause i keep writing in French and i don't really have time to do anything else. I don't even know why i came back here, i was scrolling through[...]
Bolbol_BH, 2015, January 15 at 20:11
My Big LiE !!
You know since i Add you to my account Face!! I felt the distance between us, i felt you getting away from Me !! I start telling my BBF that I'm letting you go and just move on with my Life ! But You know that's MyBigLiE !! I can't let You Go!! I can't forget You!! I can't Move on !! And Most I can't Stop Loving You[...]
anonymous, 2015, January 14 at 10:18
No, I can't write or comment today
It's a pity, no connexion, can't talk with my friends here must be quiet and silent
nada92, 2015, January 13 at 14:31
The word "LOVE"
Love is feeling, that feeling whenever I see you, how my heart starts beating so hard ! That always remindes me of our first meeting, how we were so anxious and so cute ! That's a great proof to our pure love. Love is my pain, all the problems we faced and all the people who were trying to sperate us with their devilish thoughts ! We were strong enough[...]
nadaNH, 2015, January 07 at 16:54
the story of my life
yet i cried , because i couldnt t get what i tried to get, yet i smiled to have what i could nt have, yet i searched for my lost soul but what i do every time is to make it go itself and so far from me ,worse than before.i am too numb to feel what you[...]
CamaraTsubaki, 2015, January 07 at 07:22
Hope ╰( ´・ω・)つ──
Hope; a feeling or a desire for a certain thing to happen. I have hopes; I hope to one day be pretty like those Asian girls I see on commercials for a certain brand of overpriced make up. I hope to one day have a man, who will love me for me, and[...]
punkywalid, 2015, January 01 at 20:07
A Pale horse named Death
I stand here by my own Looking to the lines on my hands Searching for answers I raise my head and stare at the clouds floating by the sky Birds making holes inside But still haven't I found the answer Years are floating in the sky Passing by in front of my eyes Taking with them my will to survive Every inch of happiness that I had flew up and vanished[...]

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