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Last public writings of diaries:

Norgey, 2014, September 19 at 02:09
National Distress
I was at my house with my mother, and she was grabbing the dog so we could go to the store. When she noticed from one side of the house the clock was flashing peculiarly, the time read 12:30 and I at the other end of the house read the clock also, mine[...]
Ghazala, 2014, August 24 at 21:29
Courage dear heart
Dear Angel; I m so sick...i m having severe stomach ache. Haven't eaten properly since 3 days.Does my voice reaches u? I wonder...Do u rem the tym whn I ws sick earlier too n I use to jot it all in my manual diary. I still feel my soul iz touched whnever[...]
Expecto Banana
Expecto Banana, 2014, August 13 at 20:07
Day 2: Mad.
Today was so calm. I didn't do a lot of things, but it was fine. I woke early to shop with my mom. We bought things for school, I didn't want to think about it though... But well, I'll have to come back there, I need to prepare. Then we cooked a little,[...]
ryane nina
ryane nina, 2014, August 12 at 18:27
dear friend , this is the first time for me writing here am teen which have 18 years old from Algeria i live a normal live school , home , friends , * i love made stories * writing * make people fill better * imagination - I love livin the momont[...]
Daenerys, 2014, August 10 at 17:50
Clap your hands, Here I'am !
Hey ! I haven't forgotten you, don't be upset ... It was a bad period these last months and it's almost over now, at least ... I hope so ! Well, what's new since the last time ? - I spent my first baccalaureate exams o/ But, don't tell me " Congratulations[...]
hanou, 2014, August 03 at 14:09
i have no friends :(
I'm alone , this summer is so bad for so many reason : i lost my aunt , the perfect one .. she died .. i miss her .. i only love her for all my other aunts .. she's amazing .. she was always happy , and wanted to make us happy too ... but we're nothing[...]
Carolainaa, 2014, July 26 at 01:56
Watch me Burn !!
I'm Just a normal girl who never fall in love, that never leaves Her heart open, I never cry for anyone, But this time something hit me, It's a knife, I never tought that I'll fall in love that way, I think falling in love with my best friend was a bad[...]
anonymous, 2014, July 20 at 09:28
This thing called life.
Dear Diary, I'm having a hard time in life now… I barely have friends. I don't have any money. I barely have any clothes . I have a crush on a boy who ive know for years yet probably never going to be with. And finally , im over weight. All I ever do is sit in my room , eat, and sleep. I've tried to go on diets and exercise but I never[...]
Rim, 2014, July 07 at 03:07
Burning desire
after all the broken promises , wasted day , mental breakdown and pointless fights, I'm not bad at all... An evil inside me just woke up , Burning all the good thing inside me , burning my lovely memories , my beautiful feeling , creating a new world , an evil world full of hate , revenge , selfish ....I was let down by my friends ... I become a queen[...]

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